About The Club

The Pet Sitting Club is a luxury pet members club. It is a fun, reliable service connecting club pet owners with club pet sitters and pet services in your area on demand. We bring the community together.


Once you become a member and pass the assessment you can start looking for pet services in the club. Our members may be booked last minute or in advance for the times you need subject to members availability.


 Our members trust, safety and privacy is our top priority. A two step verification process must be passed before all pet sitters become members. Our verification process includes a global identification and 2 references. All members have  1-5 star reviews.


The Pet Sitting Club is committed to animal charitable organisations.  ANIMALS ARE NOT OURS to experiment on, eat, wear, use for entertainment or abuse in any other way. The Pet Sitting Club is committed to donating £1 for every membership sold to PETA

Meet the team