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The Pet Sitting Club is committed to animal charitable organisations.  ANIMALS ARE NOT OURS to experiment on, eat, wear, use for entertainment or abuse in any other way. The Pet Sitting Club is committed to donating £1 for every membership sold

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Happy Customers


"Thanks for having Marlo again last weekend, he always has the best time at your place! Marlo is always exhausted and sleeps very well the night after he comes home from your place because he has so much fun! I feel like I can relax and enjoy myself when we go away, knowing that Marlo is being looked after well, is safe and is having a great time!"

Sean, Marlo's owner, Nov 2017

"We are very pleased that every time Archie has stayed with you he is not upset or distressed when we pick him up as he has been in the past when he has stayed at different boarding kennels. It is also good that we can supply to you his normal food that he eats everyday as he has often been off his food when he has stayed at other places as the food is not what he was used to. We also love to get the pictures that you send us of Archie and the other dogs when we are away and it shows us he is having fun. It is nice to know that you can leave your dog with someone who genuinely cares about them."

Mark, Archie's owner, Sept 2017

"Thank you again for looking after Milly for us. I would most definitely ask you to mind Milly again in the future. Your genuine love of dogs was on display from my initial enquiry till when I picked her up after a 10 day holiday. Knowing all dogs must be vaccinated greatly reduces any health risks when associating with other dogs. Allowing Milly to sleep inside on her own bed I thought was fantastic. She would have been very comfortable. It was good to see all the dogs socialising in the backyard and not locked up in individual boarding kennels. It was also reassuring to receive photos sent to me regularly to see Milly going for walks, playing and resting with the other dogs that were also in your care. I know Milly had a great time at your place. Your service exceeded my expectation. I wouldn't change a thing. I'm glad I found you."

Sarah, Milly's owner, Aug 2017

"I am very happy with my experience with your service. I like the idea that it is a small and personal operation as this suits my style, and is especially handy if we are heading on a break for a night or two. I am sure the business will always be in demand because of your genuine interest in the pets, and it gives me, as the pet-owner, peace of mind knowing that Jackson is well looked after and not being bored/lonely at home if I want to go away for a short break."

Natalie, Jackson's owner, Dec 17