No one, and I mean no one likes the sound of a dog constantly barking. Whether it’s your own dog or the neighbors dog or the dog 5 blocks away.

So what do we do? Try a collar. There are several options as far as barking collars are concerned. Gone are the days when a barking collar meant cruelly electronically shocking your dog every time it barked. More humane alternatives are available that use Pavlovs conditioning theory.

One option is a collar that sounds a beeping noise when they bark and after 4 barks (and beeps) the collar vibrates (not shocks just vibrates) which distracts the dog from the barking stimuli and also mildly irritates them. After a couple of weeks of wearing this collar the dog should be conditioned to associate the beeping sound with the vibration and stop barking because they dislike the vibration. Humane, effective, everybody wins.

Another option that is on the market is a citronella collar. This one sprays out a harmless puff of citronella every time it detects barking. Dogs do not enjoy this odor. Soon enough the dog becomes conditioned to associate the putrid (in their opinion) smell of citronella with the act of barking. Once again effective and harmless. The training is done for us and we get to enjoy the benefits of a quiet, serene dog.

The third option is the ultrasonic. Ultrasonic bark control deterrents help teach your dog to stop all the barking. Each time your dog barks, the ultrasonic sound is triggered which they will hear, and is not audible to human ears. Most dogs learn to stop barking in only a few days!

So if your dog is particularly chatty, give one of these collars a go.

These collars can be found online. Just google “barking collar UK”.


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